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President / Founder

Armand Nicolas

Regional Moderating Directors (RMD)


Robinson Unau Gaong

Cherng Chin

Middle East

Kanan Vithlani

Muhammad Ali Khan

North America / Europe

Priya Janagu

Assistant Regional Moderating Directors (Asst. RMD)


Chloe Ayesha Sy

Mahalia Raf Maglahus

Middle East

Bianca Camille

Matiur Rehman

North America / Europe

Satriya Krisna

Human Resources (HR)


Robinsong Unau Gaong

HR Head of Onboarding: 

Tina Riely

Recruiting / Advertising:

Armand Nicolas

Cherry Pies

Danish Taimoor

Team Trainers:

PC Onboarding (PCOB)

CP Onboarding (CPOB)

Monetized Team

Monetized Team Administrators:

Armand Nicolas

DinoRiffic Mum

Remi Islam

Monetized Group Moderator:

Cherng Chin

Richard Diaz Gelilio II

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Team:

SEO Director: 

Tony Blood

SEO Monderators:

DinoRiffic Mum

Joanne Pearcey

Melissa Wall

Chanell Foster

Babin Welt

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